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Naruto Last Icon Maker Standing

Hello and welcome to Naruto, Last Icon Maker Standing! This is just like your normal icontest, only mixed into a vat of super awesome. Each week more and more iconers will be voted out until there is only one left standing! The community is open to anyone that wants to put their icon-ing skills to the test.
1. You need to sign up BEFORE the session starts. Simple, no? Join the community first, and friend it so you don't miss out on anything! Sign up now! Put "Caged Bird" in your title when you sign up.

2. Every member has ONE drop week. Otherwise, failure to submit will result in elimination. After using your drop, you will have a -1 vote handicap for the next round. Once we get into the final round of the competition, you will no longer be able to use a drop.

The current skip post is here.

3. The schedule is as follows;
Sunday/Monday --> New challenge is posted, Results from previous week are announced.
Monday - Friday --> Icon submission
Saturday - Sunday --> Voting

4. In LIMS, you vote for the poorest quality icon. Voting is based on icon quality and design (image quality, cropping, coloring, text ect) not outside preferences. (Not liking the character, not liking manga icons, ect). Voting is screened, and will remain anonymous.

5. Just kidding~ Put "Art is a bang" in your title when you sign up. :D

How to Submit

URL: http://i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb317/renaryugu/infamy.png

* Icons can be no larger than 100x100 and 40 KB.

* Animated icons are not allowed.

* Icons must be fresh for each challenge. No recycling icons.

* Official art ONLY. (Artbooks, manga, anime ect). Fan art is not allowed.

How to Vote:

Voting is real simple, it works like this:

icon # - valid reason you're voting it out

Additionally, there will be a special category each week. Special Category will be announced with the voting post.

Non participants can still vote, but they can ONLY vote for "Spectator's Choice". Simple leave a comment with "SC: icon #"

Even after you're eliminated, please continue to vote! (Eliminated participants use the normal voting format.)

Affiliate post is here~
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