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Naruto LIMS
Recent Entries 
16th-Sep-2007 06:20 pm - Voting reminder
Hey all! We could really use some more votes for this week. :3


Also, for anyone addicted to the show House, why not check out houselims? ;)
15th-Sep-2007 08:44 am - Session 1 Challenge 2 - Voting!
Yaaay. :3 Thank you to everyone that got their icons in! I hope that in the future we will not have to do an extension again. ;o;

Withdrawn: inquisitorial
Skipped: silhouette_68 keoni_chan proglution libraire
Disqualified: victorisham suteki_shia layd33e

Example votingCollapse )

Here are the voting rules! This week will be eliminating four iconers. Remember if you have been eliminated, still vote normally. ^^;
+ Vote for four icons of lesser quality.
+ Vote for one icon for the special category of best crop.
+ Spectators may only vote for one icon, their top choice.
+ Voting will end (roughly) on Sunday at 8 pm EST.
+ All votes are screened.

Fade to blackCollapse )
14th-Sep-2007 03:02 pm(no subject)


*PLEASE* if you do not want to submit this week, comment on the skip post! It makes it easier for me.
8th-Sep-2007 12:05 am - Extension
Okay, because I'm trying to avoid having to eliminate EIGHT SEVEN people, I'm extending this week's challenge until next Friday. (September 14) I really hate having to extend, please don't make me do this again guys. ;; Due to the unplanned extension, anyone that skipped may retract their skip and save it for a later challenge if they so please.

The following people are still unaccounted for:

hoshi3 *
victorisham *
asthma *
morven_eledven *
wardrum *
suteki_shia *
layd33e *

Those with * will be ELIMINATED if they don't submit.

If enough people can submit by tomorrow morning, then we might be able to stay on schedule.
5th-Sep-2007 10:19 pm - Midweek reminder
Your icons for the Team Hebi challenge are due this Friday! Currently, we only have four submissions. Obviously, many more are needed. T_______T;;;;


3rd-Sep-2007 01:55 am - Session 1 Round 2 - Challenge!
Ok, here we goooo~ Our second challenge! ^^

This weeks challenge isssss...

Team Hebi

At least one member of Team Hebi must be used in your icon. Sasuke may be used also, but not his pre-Shippuden self.

Your icons are due on Friday, September 7th at midnight (EST). For those of you that used skips (forced or otherwise) MUST submit or else you will be eliminated.

RulesCollapse )

Current skip post is here.
3rd-Sep-2007 01:10 am - Session 1 Round 1 - Results!
Okay~~~ I wish we could have had more votes. ;; We do have enough to get by, though. ^^; Thank you for everyone that DID vote. :D

This week we bid goodbye to two iconers. ;; Thank you both very much for participating, I hope to see you again in future sessions!

The results~Collapse )

If the winners of the SC, Mod's Choice or Spectator's Choice would like a banner, please comment here! :D

Next challenge will be up soon~~~
2nd-Sep-2007 04:32 pm - voting reminder
Hey guys! We could really use some more votes! Participants, whether you submitted or not this week, you really need to vote. :p


Oh and anyone interested in a Disney themed (Hush) LIMS should check out disney_hush here.
1st-Sep-2007 12:41 am - Session 1 Round 1 - Voting!
Yaaaay! :D The very first voting post. ^.^ Sadly, there were 10 people that did not turn in an icon. ;; These people are still in the LIMS, but no longer have their skips. Also, please know that due to my job, the deadlines should be pretty strict. :P We also had one drop out this week, sadly, cynicalsnark will no longer be participating. ;o;

Anyways, on to the voting! Due to the number of "skips" this week, only 2 participants will be eliminated.

+ Vote for three icons of lesser quality.
+ Vote for one icon for the special category of best fit lyrics.
+ Spectators may only vote for one icon, their top choice.
+ Voting will end on Sunday at 8 pm EST.
+ All votes are screened.

Example votingCollapse )

Every little hearbeatCollapse )
31st-Aug-2007 06:49 pm(no subject)
You all have roughly 6 hours to SUBMIT or SKIP for this weeks challenge. :3

The following people still need to submit:

4. hoshi3
6. victorisham
8. shafted_artist
9. zombieflu
14. asthma
15. morven_eledven
19. wardrum
25. suteki_shia
30. layd33e
31. pentatonikk
33. orlandogirl
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